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A functional garage door is essential for the security and safety of your home. It provides a secure place to store your vehicle and protects your home from potential intruders. Garage door springs play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of your garage door, as they provide the necessary tension to lift and close the door. When the springs break or become damaged, the door may not operate properly, which can lead to damage of the door or opener. Regular maintenance of your garage door springs is important to ensure they are functioning properly and to prevent any potential safety hazards. That’s where Garage Door Professionals of Fort Wayne come into play!

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What's the Importance of Having Garage Door Springs?

This a common question for homeowners or tenants, garage door springs play a crucial role in the smooth operation of your garage door. These springs come in two main types: torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs are wound up to provide lift to the door while extension springs stretch to help with the door’s movement. The following are five functions of garage door springs:

  1. Counterbalance the weight of the garage door to make it easier to open and close.
  2. Help distribute the weight of the door evenly.
  3. Provide the necessary tension for the door to stay open.
  4. Ensure that the door moves smoothly along its tracks. Regular maintenance of your garage door springs is important to keep them functioning properly and to prevent any potential safety hazards.

How do Garage Door Springs Break or Get Damaged?

Garage door springs are under constant tension, making them susceptible to breaking over time. Some common reasons why garage door springs may break include:

  1. Age and wear-and-tear: Most springs are rated for 10,000 cycles. When they get close to 10,000 cycles the risk of breakage is very possible.
  2. Overuse: If a garage door is frequently opened and closed, the springs may become overworked and eventually break.
  3. Extreme weather conditions: Exposure to extreme temperatures, such as heat or cold, can cause metal to expand and contract, causing stress on the springs and eventually leading to breakage.
  4. Improper installation or maintenance: If garage door springs are not installed or maintained properly, it can lead to damage and eventually breakage.
  5. Rust and corrosion: Exposure to moisture and other elements can cause rust and corrosion to form on the springs, weakening them and increasing the risk of breakage.

It’s important to have your garage door springs maintained regularly by one of our garage door professionals. This can help prevent premature breakage and prolong the life of the springs and ensure that your garage door operates smoothly and safely.

3 Reasons Why Replacing Your Garage Door Springs is a Must:

  1. Safety and security: A garage provides a safe and secure place to store your vehicle and other valuable items. It helps protect them from theft, vandalism, and the elements.
  2. Springs are what does most of the work in moving the door. Without them you will damage the door or opener.
  3. Convenience and practicality: A garage provides a convenient place to park your vehicle, keeping it protected from the elements and making it easier to access. It also offers additional storage space for tools, equipment, and other items that you may not want to keep inside your home. Having a garage can also make it easier to enter and exit your home, especially during inclement weather.

2 Common Types of Garage Door Springs

Garage Torsion Springs

Garage torsion springs are a type of spring that provides the lift needed to open and close your garage door. These springs are wound up when the door is closed and release their tension when the door is opened. Torsion springs are mounted above the garage door and are attached to a metal shaft that runs parallel to the door. The springs are under constant tension and must be wound up precisely to provide the correct amount of lift for the door. Torsion springs are highly durable, but they can break or become damaged over time. Regular maintenance and inspections can help prolong the life of your torsion springs and ensure that your garage door operates smoothly and safely.

Garage Extension Springs

Extension springs are another type of spring used in garage doors. These springs are mounted on either side of the garage door and stretch when the door is opened, providing support and helping it move smoothly along its tracks. Unlike torsion springs, extension springs are not wound up and do not provide lift for the door. Instead, they are designed to absorb the weight of the door and counteract its weight as it is opened and closed. Extension springs are under constant tension and must be properly adjusted to ensure that the door operates smoothly and safely. Like torsion springs, extension springs can become damaged or break over time, so regular maintenance and inspections are important to keep them functioning properly.

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Variety & Quality Parts

Our garage door repair company only use top-quality parts from leading suppliers in our repairs. This ensures optimal performance with each job we take on, while also providing a variety of options when it comes to the type and style of springs used in each installation. No matter what kind of garage door system you’re using, our team will be able to provide a suitable replacement or upgrade.

Professionalism & Courtesy

Beyond just delivering excellent results, Garage Door Professionals also takes pride on professionalism and courtesy when dealing with customers. Our customer service team are knowledgeable, prompt, friendly, and always willing to answer any questions you may have about your repair needs or maintenance requirements – no matter how ridiculous! They aim to deliver complete satisfaction on each job undertaken so that you have peace of mind when it comes to the security and functioning of your garage doors.

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