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All Your Garage Door Repair Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Do you Provide?

Garage Door Professional of Fort Wayne provides professional garage door repair for residential customers. We also provide garage door opener installation services, garage door spring replacement, and repairs. 

How long does it take to complete a job?

Each and every job can vary. A garage door spring replacement could take roughly 30 minutes. While a garage door repair could take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. Opener installations are usually 1 hour.

My overhead door won't open.

Most service calls we get for garage doors that will not open are usually due to a broken spring. If the door struggles and only gets about a foot off the ground and then returns to the floor that means you have a broken spring. You should see a gap in the spring. At this point it is dangerous and could cause damage to the door or anything nearby.


My overhead door won't close.

If your garage door will not close. The most common are for photo eye issues.
The first thing you want to do is check to make sure the cables are in the correct place on the drums. You then can try a simple test. Hold the close button on the wall until the door reaches the floor. If you succeed closing the door check to make sure both photo eyes have the little LEDs on and glowing steadily. Simply loosen the wing nut and adjust until they are pointing towards each other. If that don’t work check your wiring connections for corrosion.

How often should my overhead garage door be serviced?

To ensure your overhead garage door lives a long, happy life, it’s crucial to treat it to a “spa day” every 3-4 months! Show your garage door some love by getting it serviced at least twice a year, and don’t forget the lube! A well-lubricated door guarantees the smoothest, most efficient operation.

How do I tell if the garage door spring is balanced?

A balanced garage door spring is important for smooth and safe operation. To ensure yours is in good shape, test it by seeing if it stays at 3 points by it’s self. It should stay on the floor, stay half way open, and stay all the way open. If it holds by it’s self at those three locations. Your springs are working properly!